Essay About Salvation

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You cannot understand salvation unless you understand the essence of our faith in Jesus. Many people have totally missed the essence of the message of salvation. Salvation is about being given the heart of Jesus. We lost ourselves and gained Jesus. Our old man refused to follow the will of God, but our new hearts chases after the will of God. The Lord has made it possible for us to follow Him, by giving us the heart of Jesus, which loves to do the will of the Father. Those who are saved live their lives in Jesus. His Spirit abides in them so that He may help them behave like Jesus. Their strength is in the Holy Spirit, who has come to establish the dominion of God in their lives. The indwelling Spirit of God separates them from those who have not…show more content…
A new heart or spirit is a sign of someone who has been transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Our gospel is the gospel of power in the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of the Lord is the One who fashions us a new spiritual life in Christ. He gives us the spiritual nature of Jesus which makes us to have His likeness. If the Holy Spirit has not managed to transform us into Christ, it is not His fault. We are the one who must yield our heart to the workings of His power. If we resist the power of the Holy Spirit, we would not be transformed at all. If we are not fully transformed by the Spirit of the Lord, we would have the appearance of people who are born again, but we would not have the substance of salvation. When we resist the work of the Holy Spirit, our faith will not have roots, it will hang in the air, and this will make us stumbling blocks to the work of the gospel. We will hamper the message of salvation because people will view salvation in the light of what they see in us. If our faith is not grounded in Jesus, we would be the false light of God who would do more harm to the gospel. People will reject salvation because of
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