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Every day is a nightmare around here. If you are off guard for ten seconds, it’s over for you. Streets are crowded with gangsters, prostitutes, drug dealers, you name it. I absolutely despise everything in Caracas, Venezuela. Walking to school is unsafe no matter how you get there. But being inside is far worse. Lucky for me, i’m a senior so this is my last year going to high school. I don’t plan on going to college, money is a huge issue in my family. My father is addicted to smoking weed, so that is where most of our money goes. The rest of the money is used on school utensils and classes. My mother really wants me and my sister Maria to go to college. Although I still do not know what I want to be, but I have the highest grades at my school, and that just causes me trouble. Usually when I walk to school, I take a secret route only me and my best friend Rico know. We take this rout to prevent an encounter with all the criminals hanging around the school. The secret path is covered in garbage, it reeks of gasoline and all sorts of drugs. A few people have gotten killed, some gone missing, and some are lucky. Since this is the only high school is Caracas, the hallways are always packed with all sorts of people. Rich, broke, jocks, we have it all. Once you step foot inside, you get a prison type of mood. The whole school smells…show more content…
As I arrive home from school, neither of my parents are here besides Maria. My dad is off somewhere smoking, and my mom is looking for a job. My parents argue every single day about the same thing, my dads addiction. I am used to the screaming, but this all has a negative effect on Maria, she is only 12. I rarely have homework since I finish most of it at school. I go to sleep today like any other, cold and with police sirens coming from every direction, but my favorite time of the day has finally come, it was time for me to go to boxing

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