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Every story has a beginning, and mine started almost six years ago. I am a competitive Irish dancer. I started this as something to try out and never expected to fall in love. Through dance, I have become fascinated the costumes worn at competitions. Each is unique to the dancer and school. Through their costume, a dancer is able to display their personality on stage. Over the decades, the costumes have gone from handmade velvet dresses to machine embroidered and crystal covered masterpieces. These have fueled my passion for sewing and art. I love the feeling of excitement that comes through finally performing after hours of practice and the satisfaction of seeing my visions come to life on a page. I want to be able to make these costumes, and in turn, I am taking sewing classes, have worked with a local seamstress, and understand what is required to be…show more content…
Although no education is required to become a seamstress, it is beneficial. I have made the decision to pursue a major in Entrepreneurial Management and a minor in Marketing. Even though these subjects are not related directly to the fashion industry, they will be beneficial in learning the skills necessary to enter the business world. About 51% of seamstresses are self-employed ("Tailors"). They determine their own work hours based on of the current workload. When one first starts out, the hours can be long and strenuous. Some days are slow going and there are only some small projects to work on; other days are bursting at the seams. As a self-employed business owner, a seamstress would need to be self-motivated to expand their knowledge and business. They must be organized in how they manage their budget and keep records. This will ensure their business has a solid foundation and runs smoothly. I am focusing on building a strong foundation of hard work and perseverance in the next year through my schoolwork, along with learning and expanding my

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