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What is seduction? Seduction is a way in which a man and women go physical and induce to engage in sexual behavior. It is a way to set mood of your man to have sex or something naughty with her. It is given from Latin and means literally to lead astray. It is way in which a partner puts the other in the step to seduce and attracts him/her. Learning seduction is also one kind of art. Men’s usually don’t come forward by their own to have sex and so to set mood woman has to come forward so that he should also feel free to have sex. Only a little confidence and playfulness is needed to seduce your partner. There are many ways and steps by which a partner can be seduced.

Learn the technique:- First you should stop being needy
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A simple way is to put dark colored lipstick, short dresses, high heels, flaunting sexy legs and backless. Main reason to seduce is you should have confidence as men’s are attracted to confidence rather than attractive physical beauty. When you meet him in a date talk to him with making eye contact and go in hairs open as open hairs are sign of sexy look. Tease him as teasing the partner for what he can and cannot have. Try to talk dirty to him where ever you are watching TV or in any party just tell him exactly what you want to do to him right now. Text him dirty messages of sexy talks what he can expect later. When both are together don’t waste time sitting idle or waiting for him. Tell him what you want and don’t feel shy for it. Try to tell him about something new way of sex that you wanted to do but haven’t tried yet new sex position or new way of kissing. Take his hand and tell him how you want to be touched by him or show him sex related books which shows the way how to kiss or any sexy book. See sexy films with him who shows romantic moment and make you feel romantic. Dance for him in your very sexy dress to seduce him. Kiss him a little and walk away so this will make him to want more of it. Be in your tight panties and a white shirt when cooking in kitchen and make sexy pose which will seduce
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