Essay About Self Awareness

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Evolve into Having Self-Awareness Being self-aware simply means that you have a keen understanding of your own personality. That includes your positive and negative traits, your thoughts and beliefs, your feelings, and your inspiration. It would be easier for you to understand others when you are self-aware. You will also be able to tell how they see you in return. Most people believe that they have a good sense of self-awareness, but it would be best to check at a comparative scale to see where you fall on it in contrast with others. Self-awareness crates a chance for everyone to make necessary changes in his/her behaviors and beliefs. While you’re improving your self-awareness, your personal thoughts and interpretations will start to…show more content…
It will help you identify your passions and emotions. It will also show you how your personality can aid you in your daily life. You can determine where your thoughts and feelings are leading you so you can make the changes that you need to do. When you are aware of your thoughts, words, feelings, and behavior, changes in the direction of your future will become possible. Who was the first one to come up with the idea of self-awareness? Duval and Wicklund first theorized about self-awareness in 1972 through their book A Theory of Objective Self-Awareness. According to the book, if people will concentrate their attention inwardly on themselves, they would tend to compare their recent behavior to their general standards and values. And that this yields to a state of unbiased self-awareness. How does this idea apply to building positive habits? Being self-aware is an important initial step in taking control of your life, producing what you want, and becoming proficient in your future. Where you will end up in life will be determined by where you will choose to concentrate your energies, feelings, personality, and
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