Essay About Service To Others

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Part One: Like Jesus in John 13: 1-21, we can show service to others. We can do this in the following ways: Doing household chores without expecting anything in return By doing chores, we can help our parents. These chores can be washing the car, drying the dishes or cleaning the house. Because our parents work to keep us fed, clothed and sheltered, this a way we can show service to them. Donating clothes to the Salvation Army Fortunately, we have a lot of clothes to choose from. However, some people don't, and they are of need of our help. By giving them clothes, even if it's just clothes you've overgrown, you can help them. This can protect them from the cold or the heat. Caring about our environment Our environment is the one thing that…show more content…
Washing feet to show service is something that people did in the olden days. In modern times, washing the feet of others is not a normal thing. Being service to others is to do something that they will be thankful for; this doesn't necessarily mean wash feet. Washing feet can be an example of showing service to others, but there are other ways. Discuss in some detail some of the ways you can be of service to other people. Part one listed some examples, but here is more: Offering a smile and asking "are you ok?" By smiling to others, even a stranger, we can brighten their day. Brightening someone's day is being of service to them because it allows them to feel happier. Furthering this by asking "are you ok?" allows the person to express their negative emotions, making them feel less stressed, angry or sad. Teach someone a new skill Being a teacher to someone else helps them improve on areas of weakness. Teaching someone a new skill can also allow them to use this skill in their everyday life. These skills can range from making food to gardening. By being of service to them, they can be of service to others by teaching others the same skill you taught them. Giving money to the
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