Essay About Sex Education

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Abstract: This paper aims to know the importance of the sex education in our society and how this course can help the students that might benefit to their future. Indeed that it is a very sensitive issue, but can help to distinguish what are the advantages and disadvantages of youth will know about it. Also how our society looks like if this wasn’t part of any discussion in every schools or community.
Sex is essentially tended to catch people attention. Every time that they see the word sex they become interested and read where it was written. But it’s not only being rude but questioning themselves to discover new things and remove the feeling of being ignorant. This activity happens for both adults and teenagers
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This is why some people advocated sex education to be added on the new curriculum of the students. In the Philippines, whenever they heard the word sex, it automatically labeled as rude and having a sense of vulgarity. We’re on a society attached to believe what to do and what is not. This makes us ignorant and hypocrite.
Knowledge is very important to every individual in order to obtain good and right choices. With the right education that they will get from the school they get in, the society or community they belong will have a great effect in determining its importance. As to John Dewey (1952), Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself, which means the more that we prepare youth, the more they will know what things should be change in the society. The education will be their foundation in order to survive and succeed in the field they have chosen, molding the youth is the main purpose of achieving goals of educating people. Moreover, he said that Failure is instructive. The person who really thinks learns quite as much from his failures as from his successes. Which means not only at school you will also mistakes that helps to teach
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