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What you always wanted to know about shapewear Shapewear has long been stellar secret weapon on the red carpet. The figure-shaping underwear gives the bust a boost causes the stomach to look flatter and highlights effectively the female form. In the interview, we ask Zalando-stylist Carla questions about shapewear, and you get answers to who can use shapewear whether shapewear helps against cellulite, and how best to donning the body close shapewear parts. 1. Who can use shapewear - only women with curves? "No, shapewear is certainly not only for women with curves. Shapewear used actually also of slim women and after pregnancy to camouflage small 'problem areas' under tight dresses and skirts. Shapewear available with different Shaping…show more content…
What type of shapewear is best suited for the typical problem areas such as the abdomen, buttocks and thighs? "Forming waisted briefs lends itself very well to the problem area gastrointestinal buttocks-thigh. The brief provides a natural silhouette, so you can easily wear tight clothing." 3. What type of shapewear must use different clothes? "An important rule to remember is: The tighter the clothes are, the fewer details must be on your shapewear. Otherwise seen the details too clearly. During a pencil skirt can eg. Use briefs with legs. The forms both buttocks and thighs. The briefs can also be waist to give a slimmer waist under a dress. Bodies types entire body under a tight top with a pencil skirt or leather dress. Shapewear effect is also used in bras and here conjure up a nice cleavage. " 4. A small or a large size - how do I choose? "Shapewear should never buy a too small size. Many choose incorrectly a size that is too small, and it can cause pain due. Pressure or cause the skin to redden. Shapewear should always - especially if you have ordinary underwear on underneath - purchased in the size you normally use. the most important thing is that shapewear feels comfortable and not press. and so you do not get a greater impact by choosing a smaller

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