Essay About Shyness Among Guys

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The problem with shyness among guys is that it makes a man feel like he is out of control. Shy guys don 't just lack confidence in their abilities to attract and pick up women. They are often afraid of being rejected and don 't like to take the risk of putting the situation into a woman 's hands. So instead, they do nothing.

Shyness is a lonely lifestyle. Shy guys have few friends and when they do have friends; they tend to be the guy who hangs around in the background. Deferring to what his more opinionated and confident friends think the shy guy does not stand up for himself or make his thoughts and opinions known in the group.

With women, the shy guy rarely gets noticed and when he does, it is not likely to be in a positive light. Most shy guys approach a woman and promptly freeze up, if you cannot speak and have no idea how to make small talk or get a woman laughing then the
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What they do not seem to realize is that there is nothing wrong with receiving attention. Guys who get to sleep with girls and date the women you want are able to do so because they don 't blend into the background they stand out from it.

Just take a chance. The next time you go out to any place where you can meet women and you see a girl you like do the exact opposite of your normal routine. Instead of standing around sitting in a dark shadow or staying at the table while your friends dance and have fun, make a move.

Make eye contact and walk over to her, smile and just relax around her. Shyness often causes guys to get extremely nervous when talking to beautiful women, making them trip, knock items over and come across as a little goofy. Avoid this problem by taking a deep breath and approaching her as if she is a friend you already know, causing the tension to leave your body and allowing you to act more naturally.

Remember to
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