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Things to do in Singapore- Major Attractions When it comes to visiting Singapore, you 've plethora of options to explore and rejuvenate yourself. One day isn 't enough to experience this beautiful and busy country. There is hardly any chance that you 'll get bored. From Marina Bay to Senstosa Island to high street shopping and Universal Studios that are many things that comes under the attractions. Singapore is a mixture of different religions including India and Chinese that makes this country influential in terms of best food and cultural diversity. If you 're planning to visit Singapore with your family, then we 've listed top things you can do here: Visit Singapore Zoo: This is among the top Singapore attractions and is visited by millions of tourists every year. For kids, Singapore Zoo is a heaven. Freely roaming animals, botanic oasis, pony rides and many more things makes this place worth enjoying. There are total 2800…show more content…
National Museum of Singapore: This rebooted National Museum is the most defining place in Singapore. The museum displays the jam-packed biography and vivid life the country has lived. The colorful and intimate journey inside the museum will take you ancient Malay royalty, wartime occupation, nation-building, food and fashion. The entire architecture of the museum is worth applauding. For tourists, there is a free guided tour available to gain insights of the things displayed. There are many more Singapore attractions like Raffles Hotel, Marina Bay Sands, Changi Museum & Chapel, Orchard Road and many. Whether you’re looking forward to shop or explore the nightlife of the country, Singapore offers everything. The country being quite expensive, taking Singapore tour packages would be apt to get all the guided services and tour itinerary by travel experts from Imonholidays. It is a well-known online travel site offering customized service for travellers around the world. So book your tickets to Singapore now and enjoy the vacation

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