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All about skunks – funny things in 15 photos and 5 videos
1. Cute and adorable
Have you ever thought about your favorite pet in the future? It is enough to look in the photo how cute this creature is and all the prejudices one have will disappear in a second.
2. Smells like a hell
Yes, we all know about the stories that skunks smell like a disaster, but do you really believe that is the only characteristic of these interesting animals?
3. Love them and they will return
Once you see the other side of skunks, you will become in love with these fantastic looking black and white colored fur. If you touch them one time, your desire for touching will never end.
4. Time to go out
It is absolutely true skunks are very thankful pets. You can even take them for a walk like a dog, they will not mind that at all. Beside that, if they are domesticated, they can live much longer. Having a nice
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Small body and big heart
Some kits are even brave to play with little young leopards. I bet some people would not dare to do this, but young skunks know they are adorable for everyone in the forest.
14. Do you remember our favorite cartoon?
What about grown skunks? Well, many years ago skunk became very popular thanks to amazing cartoon of Pepe Le Paw. All older generations loved this capricious thug, but even children from nowadays could pay some attention to it, despite the fact they like different things now.
15. Don’t make them angry
In fact, skunks are very friendly animals and their way of defending is to spray the enemy, but only when they feel threatened. This yellow oily foam comes out from two glands near their anus. But, they will never attack in normal conditions and they will warn you first by turning its back to you and lifting its tail up. When you see this, get ready for the trouble. Their spray is called musk and they have enough of it to spray you 5-8 times. If you are in the circle of 15 feet, you might be in a great danger to stink after that.
16. Oh, that

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