Slavery In America Essay

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Slavery in America How did slavery begin in America and how did it end? Introduction A journey that was about more land and the economy was the two major reason slaves were brought to America. African slaves were useful and valuable and they were worth a lot of money. The reason that slaves were useful and valuable was because they were used as manual labor. The southern America needed laborers to work on large farm dealing with rice, tobacco, indigo, cotton, and sugar cane. Other slaves labored as craft workers, dockworkers, and servants. Slaves in the North America region worked on small farms and others that had or didn’t have skills labored in factories and along the coast as fishermen, shipbuilders, craftsmen, and helpers and tradesmen.…show more content…
Of course, gaining a freedom was a big deal that was going through their mind. Many slaves were giving freedom through manumission and others by their slave-owners. Manumission was giving to slaves; after all, they served their time with their masters. Others were giving as a gift because they had done a favor for their masters to earn it. However, some slaves bought their freedom from their owners and some gained their freedom by running away. In fact, running away required planning the escape and yet many hard dissections. With this in mind, leaving the family behind was a hard dissection for the slaves, finding food was also an issue, and where to hide was a solution to…show more content…
This order was known as the Emancipation proclamation, an order issued by President Lincoln under his authority as commander in chief. About half 1 million of 4 million slaves were freed. There was a limitation to the Emancipation proclamation; it only freed slaves in the confederated states that weren’t under union control. There was also some areas in the south where a slave was still legal and in this part of areas, slaves were not freed until the union was able to defeat the Confederacy. However, in the end, Emancipation Proclamation did set half 1 million slaves free. It also gave a hope for a better future – for all slaves to be free one
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