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Convincing someone to quit smoking is a challenge even if we lay cards on the table and tell them of the negative effects it can cause their body. It is after all like a drug, once you pop you can’t stop.

Not only is smoking linked to cancer, lung problems and heart disease, it is the most preventable cause of morbidity and is responsible for the three million and more deaths every year around the world.

Studies show that smoking can also cause premature skin ageing, delayed wound healing, hair loss and is a cause of numerous dermatological disorders such as psoriasis.

If you need some motivation to stop smoking, add ageing of the skin to your list!

How Smoking Affects Our Skin

Smoking promotes skin ageing process
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Pregnancy problems
21. Fetal Distress
22. Cardiovascular diseases
23. Coughing
24. COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
25. Appetite Suppressant

Stop Smoking

“All bad habits start slowly and gradually and before you know you have the habit, the habit has you!” -Zig Ziglar

It is hard to stop what has become part of your daily life but knowing the bad effects of smoking is enough to tell you to quit now and start caring for yourself and your family. Remember that a second hand smoker also inhales the same amount of chemicals as the one smoking and there are millions of second hand smokers who dies each year due to exposure.

Here are self help tips to get you started:

1. Plan to Quit NOW - not later, not tomorrow but NOW!
2. Think Positive - tell yourself you can do it and don’t be influenced by your surroundings.
3. Decide on Changing Your diet - eating meat will make cigarette taste better after eating but vegetables make cigarette taste terrible. Swap your meat meals to veggies! Same goes with your drinks, trade soft drinks, alcohol and tea to water and real juice instead.
4. Have a Plan - list down the time of day when you are craving for a cigarette and plan on distracting yourself with an activity that will help you change your mind on smoking. You may also opt to chew on some gum or snack on fruits and vegetables to keep your mouth
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