Essay About Smoking For Teenagers

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Student Name : Mohammad Ahmad Al-dosari
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Tutor Name : Dr. Hisham kh A Alquqa

Brainstorming Ideas
• Addressing smoking in ages under eighteen. • Reasons behind teenagers’ smoking.

Smoking teenagers and probability to be addictive to cocaine and marijuana.

• Smoking finish teenagers lives so easily.

• Positive actions to manage smoking in teens.

Smoking is risky action affected teenagers in civilizations.
Hook: Reasons beyond smoking for teenagers is a problem.
Background information: researches about people smoke in their teen.
Body 1
Topic sentence: the remedy of torment is smoking; this is briefly teenagers’ minds talk.
Steps in sequence:
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Every year thousands of people in their teen age die because of smoking meanwhile youth did quit smoking. May be if teenagers were aware of this fact they’ll never dare to smoke. Teens are destroying their health, when Carbon monoxide extracts oxygen from your while cancer-causing chemicals enter it. If media put this in priority instead of showing figures smoking, situation will certainly differ. On that account, teens’ thoughts that smoking is the treatment for their stress and being clever in school is incorrect because studies are explicit, bad behaviors and lack of attendance reaches the top.

The remedy of torment and bitterness is smoking; this is briefly their minds’ take. Accordingly, when you used to do thing for long period of time, you start to change to another thing to enrich the refreshment feeling. Teenagers are green plant affected by whatever happened to them, so they get affected by each other to try drugs, they just encourage themselves to live the moment, also teens who smoke are likely to use alcohol, marijuana and cocaine than nonsmokers. Smoking completely affects the nervous of system of the

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