Causes Of Smoking

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It is now the time to confront the desagreable people smoking in public places. Public places such as the park, movie theatre, and outdoor malls are in the community to have a good time with your family and friends, until someone near you starts smoking a cigarette, cigar, or pipe ruins it. Smoking causes individuals unhealthy lifestyle, not only that, the smell is so strong that smoking leads to negative effects on non-smokers and the environment around them. Second hand smoke affects children in their bodies that can lead to different health conditions. Second hand smoke also known as passive smoking, is when a non-smoker breath in the smell of nicotine. Therefore, when kids are growing up it is of a concern to live within smoking neighbors, …show more content…

When cigarette butts are thrown into environments with plants, it can cause,for example, a small bush to catch on fire, therefore, spreading into a large wildfire. The American Burn Association states “ 900 people die from fires caused by cigarettes and can injure a lot of people and animals. Drivers on the freeway can throw their cigarette butts out the window leading to a fire and ruining so much of the environment, and homes.” The evidence helps to demonstrate some of the leading causes of not disposing cigarettes properly, also the many unfortunate events that can happen it not done right. The events are real and actually happen all the time, affecting many aspects of life. Smokers poor actions can most likely hurt others and their families by littering their cigarette in incorrect places. Most of these events happen very often and mostly because of irresponsible smokers. Consequently, not disposing cigarettes properly affect the homes of animals and people around wildfires, meanwhile, smokers do have the freedom to smoke anywhere. Even though smoking in public is unfavorable, Smokers should have the right to smoke anywhere at anytime. “John Stuart Mill. An individual can smoke in the appropriate places respectfully and be treated like any other citizen with rights. Forty-five million adults in the U.S. choose to smoke. You can detest their habit and …show more content…

When interfering with a non-smoker and you are smoking in front of them, they breath the smoke that can cause deaths from lung cancer and heart disease each year. Dennis Thompson Jr found research on how secondhand smoke is responsible for thousands of deaths of non-smokers per year. “It consists of 3,400 lung cancer deaths and 46,00 heart disease deaths which is a huge number of deaths caused by smokers.” Non-smokers who breathe in smoke from people who do, may develop many symptoms and could possibly lead to death for something they had no control over. For example, neighbors who smoke in apartments can really affect the people in the other apartment complex because the smoke travels into the old air vents and into their apartment. People who smoke choose affect their own bodies and shouldn’t create problems for others. Non-smokers who breathe in smoke from people who doe, can develop many symptoms and could possibly lead to death for something they were not responsible for. Smokers can respect others by smoking away from the people. Smokers only have the mind concept that they are hurting their own health, although, they are actually affecting the lives of others too. Whether people who smoke care or do not care about your health, the government should require a law to ban smoking in public spaces. If we do not put a limit to smokers freedom, children will become more sick and the environment

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