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Everything You Need To Know About Snowmobiling By: Katelyn Merritt The first snowmobile was built in 1908 going by the name Snow Machine. In 1909 a man named O.C. Johnson was the first man to build a snowmobile that would actually go over snow. When the first snowmobile was built in 1908 it was originally built to haul logs in the snow. It was built in Waterville, Main. This large awkward machine resembles a locomotive, but it had a half track design and front skis. Some of our new snowmobiles have many similar features to the snowmobile back then. Old snowmobiles had rubber tracks which today are made of strong fibers called kevlar. They use kelver to make tires, that would show how much stronger newer tracks are. Snowmobiles dating back to the first ever made snowmobile is practically impossible to be found.You'd be lucky to find a museum with the first ever made snowmobile. Older snowmobiles were running on two stroke gasoline internal combustion engines. Once hit the 2000s 4 stroke engines became the most common. Over the past 100 years there has been many snowmobile types of snowmobiles invented. There are six types of snowmobiles you can choose from: working snowmobiles, touring snowmobiles, Trail snowmobiles, performance snowmobiles,…show more content…
They are aggressive and generate over 85 horsepower. These snowmobiles are not comfortable but they can fly across the ice or snow pretty darn fast and easy. Performance snowmobiles are meant for well experienced riders only. Examples of performance snowmobiles would be Polaris 800 Rush, Arctic Cat CFR 1000, Yamaha Apex SE, Ski-Doo 800cc E-TEC. Mountain snowmobiles are good on higher sloped hills like mountains. They are light and more narrow than most snowmobiles. Mountain snowmobiles are great in deep snow. The tracks on them are much longer. They move much better in mountain trails then flat
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