Personal Narrative: I Am Antisocial

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I am an extremely antisocial person and tend to stay to myself. Even if it’s at school, work, or even a family members’ house. When I was younger my mom would punish me if I wouldn’t engage which made it worse. I have been told repeatedly that I will change once I get older and I will “grow out of my shell”. I’m eighteen now and things haven’t changed much. If I could change anything about myself this would be it. This causes most of the fear of my life so it’s safe to say it’s a 10 on the scale. This causes my fear of socializing and public speaking. This interrupts my way of getting a new job and making and new friends. I’m not trying to be more outs spoken but my awkwardness comes in the way and makes me feel uncomfortable. I’m tired of hearing that I will grow out of this and it's not that hard to just talk and…show more content…
When I was younger I would just say whatever came to mind but now it was time to get serious. Everyone was always hounding me for picking a career and pressing me into making a choice. Now since I’m in college it makes everything even worse. This made me scared of my future and not living up to expectations. I know that most of them are doing that because they want me to have a life they couldn’t have. However, it's giving the opposite effect. It makes me feel as if I’m not trying, which I am. It makes me feel as if I must rush and figure it out and I have to be stuck in a job I might end up not liking. I feel as if I need to live up to everyone expectations of me. I was always the good and respionble one in my class and school which lead to people thinking highly of me. I wouldn’t say that’s bad but it is just a lot to live up too. It’s really affecting my life choices because I’m tired of the talking about it which makes me not want to even think about it. I’m trying to ignore all the constant bickering and trying to figure it all out on my
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