The Importance Of Song Analysis

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Song analysis had always been my least favorite task in any language class. It did not mat-ter if the song had been a French ballad or an English rock song from the mid-nineties; as soon as I was supposed to analyze the lyrics and write down the meaning of the song, my mood shifted. I do not know why – usually I am good with words, even wrote my own poems from time to time.
Maybe my former distaste to song analysis was linked to the way I listened to music at that time. I am not trying to say that every song that is on the radio is automatically bad and does not have any meaning, but I only listened to the Top 40 on the radio without noticing anything besides the drum beat and maybe a guitar. I was just not interested in whatever the singer
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Be-ing in the fan base meant that I got to hear other people’s stories which just convinced me that this band was special – never before had I heard so many people saved by a band. Of course, having watched a lot of live performances and seeing the band preach to the crowd during their concerts, I knew that it was one of their goals to make their fans feel better. But this was the first time I heard the other side of the story and it was over-whelming.
Maybe it was not a really long time that I was a fan of the band, considering the fact that only about a year after I first heard a song they split up, but that does not change the fact that they were, and continue to be, my favorite band.
Through the years, since first having listened to them, my interest in song analysis grew thanks to this band. So when I had to decide which topic my term paper will be about, it was not a hard decision. Maybe it will bring some kind of closure about the fact that they no longer perform and write songs together – that is why I’m also bringing the personal aspect into this. I want to learn more about the band, even after their death, but now especially through analyzing their
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