Essay About Spanish Culture

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When you grow up learning and being taught about something, you want to continue the experience. All the way through school you find out important information on Spanish heritage and culture. Everything you see or do today has somehow been impacted by a foreign lifestyle. There are many people in the United States spreading Hispanic ideas like food, language, and religion based off other countries, especially Mexico. To keep up with the rapid growing of this style, you learn more about it in school. I have always wanted to experience this myself and visit a Spanish country. Many of my friends come from Hispanic cuisine and celebrate ideas us Americans are unaware of. We grow our knowledge in this subject without personally experiencing their natural culture and lifestyle. I have always wanted to have an idea of how they work things like government, jobs, economics, and even religion practices. If I could travel to one place in the world, I would no doubt go to Mexico for the reasons of obtaining uncommon items unavailable where I live, the traditional food, and to learn the culture and be more aware of the basic Mexican lifestyle. To begin my statement, buying and shopping for…show more content…
I want to be aware of how education, jobs, economics, religions, and government work in Mexico. I have always wanted to experience their lifestyle and basic conditions. The way they function in America fascinates me. I hope to observe their language and the way they speak so I can understand their way of communication. Mexico is a prime site to get a clear image of this kind of life outside of the common stereotype of Spanish cuisine. I plan to learn more about the history of Mexico and their culture. I would like to experience the life of a person living in Mexico and learn the way they function on an everyday basis. Being more aware of their personal lives is part of the reason why I want to go to this
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