Kirby Sattler

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My artworks for the project ‘Ordinary Extraordinary’ are all related to the Native American Spirit Animals, what my spirit animal is and how it relates to me. All six of my final drawings, except for one was in the medium pencil and two of my drawings, involved colour. The two artists I found and decided to do my research essay on, were Kirby Sattler, who paints portraits of Native American people in their traditional regalia and Julie Rhodes, who is an amazing wildlife artist, focusing specifically in the medium pencil. My first artist, Kirby Sattler, focuses mainly on portraits and profiles of Native American people in their traditional clothing, including feathers that represent something in their culture. He clearly states that he is not…show more content…
The idea of the spirit animal derives from the Native American culture, where the spirit animal is said to be the animal representation of you and can bring meaning, when seen in the wild. The meaning behind my works and my whole project in fact, is to show the relationship between mankind and the animal kingdom and that we aren’t that different, which is, in a way, similar to what Sattler’s trying to achieve with his paintings. Mankind needs to start understanding the fact that in order to sustain a healthy earth, we need to work with nature, not against it, and that’s how making the relationship between the two things not very different, helps people realise this. Like the Native American people, we must use nature to our advantage and realise that it is there for a reason. Another thing that mine and his works share in common, is colour. Two of my six final drawings include the element of colour, specifically, neutral, earthy colours and Sattler, in his works, also uses colour. Colour brings things to life and makes them more realistic. The focal point of all of Sattler’s works, include browns, reds, oranges, blacks, beiges etc. which are the same colours which I have included in my two drawings of the
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