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Things I like and don 't like about Sri Lanka Keywords - 1. Rent a car Sri Lanka 2. Tour operators in Sri Lanka Include - Sri Lanka is an island located at the southern coast of India and surrounded by Indian Ocean, Gulf of Mannar and Palk Straits. The natural beauty of Sri Lanka is unparallel. This little exotic country bequeath enchanting landscapes, pleasant weather, ancient cities, booming Ayurveda wellness industry, safari, and wonderful people. There are many more for the tourists to discover in this wonderful land while on tour to Sri Lanka. Rent a car Sri Lanka to catch the wonders of this place along with your family and friends. If you don’t have much idea of this country, contact reputed tour operators in Sri Lanka, to guide you…show more content…
The peacock mating dance is phenomenal. The Yala National Park is famous for leopards and bird watching. The Udawalawe National Park is a home for 500 wild Asian elephants and huge expanse of water. Hotels & Accommodation There are ample choices for staycation at Sri Lanka, star hotels, rented accommodation, boutique hotels and heritage accommodation. You can contact tour operators in Sri Lanka to give you privileged services in choosing accommodation in your spending power. Things I didn’t like of Sri Lanka People Here the people are interfering and will try to elucidate more details about you in every meeting. Peace lovers will find it annoying. Food If you are fond of non-veg items, you may not find sufficient choice or titillating cuisine. Curry rice will appear stale after one or two times and you will yearn for a change. Street foods are oily because mostly fried items are on sale. Transportation The public transport are cheap but too crowded and unsafe to carry luggage. The Tuk transport is easily available but you will be harassed by their exorbitant quoted price for the tourists. They have the habit of bargaining and it will spoil your day if you start haggling with them. The train journey is cheap but safety is at

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