Informative Essay On Standardized Test

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I will be telling you how I feel like I do on the standardized test I think that I do well but there is sometimes were I get to nerves and I do not know what to do and that might make me forget what I had to remember because I get scared that I might forget the question and that is really bad because then I do not know what I have to do because I forget everything. I have not always been good at testing there is sometimes were I feel like I know the things that are going to be in the test and I do not really study and hen it turns out that the things that I thought I knew I did not know them and that is bad because I thought I they knew the questions but because I did not study I got the questions wrong. The way I prepare is try to practiced…show more content…
I think that on the standardized test I have taken I do well on the English portion I do not really do well on the math its really weird because I had better grades in math and not in English but my test show that I do better on English than in math.

I think that I really do not like the test because we are already try really hard on trying to bring our grades up and pass and then all the suddenly they say that if you do not pas the test that you will not pass t the next grade level and I think that it is really bad because I think that sometimes people really try really hard and just because of that one test that you might not pass you will not go to the next grade level. I think that he purpose that they say the test is for is to sse what you have learned the hole year and to see were you are at. I think that there is a problem because why are they going to test us on something that we learned at the beggining of the year and we are on the end of the year I think that it is really weird but I mean I can not say anything because it is not my problem. I think that what happens with my resultsa is that they send them to the govermnent. In would nt give standardized test at all because I think that they are a waste of time because I feel like you do not need them. That is what I think from mmy opinion about standardized
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