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Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve been judged by what people think of you and not by who you truly are? This is called a misconception and can also be known as stereotyping. Stereotypes and misconceptions are used to look at a group of people in a certain way based on what society has made them seem like. Stereotypes is known as one's beliefs based on some truths, usually exaggerated, to categorize a group of people. Misconceptions are formed from stereotypes and are usually rumors with no truth behind it. Many stereotypes and misconceptions have been developed from many years back, along these lines, we’ve adapted to these stereotypes and misconceptions to name people by a specific title according to physical appearance. In today’s society stereotypes and misconceptions are used due to the fact that people are so quick to judge others by appearances and by what is said rather than learning what is behind an appearance and rumors. Many millennials are prone to judging others or being judged by…show more content…
When a female is seen as a girly girl people will describe her as an ignorant person that does not understand what's going on around her. For example, girl girls are notorious for not understanding sports or how to play sports. Girly girls is also acknowledged for always wearing pink and not having hobbies besides shopping for pink attire. This certain group in society is perceived as being mean and rude to anyone and everyone. It's been heard millions of times that girly girls are visualized as mean girls in full on pink outfits that do not associate with anyone else besides her best friends. Along with this, many girly girls are known for being mean to nerds in school and only dating cool guys or football players. Judgements like these are very common for a girl classified as a girly girl and it wise to find out more about the person rather than creating

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