Essay About Stress Among Young People

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A Study of Stress among young people

1. Rationale:
The researcher decided to choose this topic because the researcher are the victims of stress. From their own experiences, realize that this is not a simple matter as people often think.. However, not everyone has a clear understanding of stress. People often think that stress usually happens when we face up to big problems. But there are very small problems in life can cause stress too. Stress can cause a lot of effects on young people such as ineffective work, distraction, sadness ... It is the main reason for some psychological illness such as autism or depression is becoming more and more popular in society. This is also the cause of many suicides of young people in recent times. Another reason the researchers chose this topic is that the researchers
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Help young people know what they are facing, how serious they are, or how to deal with stress-related problems. The mental stress system is extremely complicated. To study the relationship of mental stress sources and mental stresses of young people systematically and find effective ways for reducing stresses can not only help to prevent and correct the mental disorders of young people , but also turn to be a useful complement for theories of stresses. They also want this research as a warning bell for young people to pay more attention to their own mental health care. Because it is more important than what people usually think.

This study is feasible because it is a practical and familiar subject. However, there are some difficulties that researchers have forseen. The first is the lack of human resources and time. Having a long research project in a short period of time and having little human resources can lead to incomplete data. Second is that researchers do not have much knowledge of the psychology field, so finding and understanding stress materials can be difficult.

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