Essay About Stress In College Students

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In college, students experience a great deal of stress for the first time in their lives. In the past, they experienced little stresses that came with growing up, but now they experience stress from the real world and it can be overwhelming. The stress in college is more serious than any they had experienced prior because it is a time that will define the rest of their lives. For many, this is the first time getting a loan, the first time having to care for themselves, the first time studying for massive exams, and the first time that their decisions will affect the rest of their lives. The main types of stress college students experience are financial stress, parental stress, class stress, social stress, and self-invoked stress. The first type of stress that college brings students is financial stress. Many students who attend college are paying for it on their own. This immediately creates stress about how to pay for it. Most college students do not have a steady flow of income and almost none can pay for college out of pocket. This makes the student think if college is an investment that is even worth it. Most people are spending at least $50,000 on their college education and high school students can’t even begin to…show more content…
It can be one of the best experiences in a person’s life, but it is a major adjustment from the life that most people live prior to it. With this adjustment comes many types of stress that a college student will face. Whether it is taking out a loan, trying to make my parents proud, or relearning how to make friends, there will always be some sort of stress that comes along with being a college student. The stress that the average college student will endure can seem to be overwhelming at times, but these stresses are part of the learning experience of college and overcoming them will teach us valuable lessons that will help us in whatever we
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