Advantage Of Studying Abroad

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In my hometown, it is commonplace for students to graduate high school and attend community college, without even being encouraged to explore other options. Fortunately, my parents instilled in me the value of education and not only did I graduate high school with flying colors, but I also chose to dream big and take advantage of all opportunities. In studying abroad and deciding to attend Beloit College, I exceeded many people’s expectations of me. I only wish that I would’ve tried harder to demonstrate to my classmates that they are capable of achieving great things and that they are not limited by the identities imposed on them by society. Traditionally, working women have faced adversity including stereotypes and gender bias, which have lead to them being underrepresented in STEM fields. I was enrolled in 4-H program as a child, which exposed girls to careers in STEM and encouraged them to pursue their aspirations. I am aware that many students did not have the exposure or support that I did, which is why I’d like to serve as a role-model and an example of what women can accomplish. Not only…show more content…
My family couldn’t afford to go on vacation when I was growing up and the first time I was able to travel was to visit colleges across the country. However, I think having an understanding of cultural sensitivity is essential when dealing with international issues. Studying abroad is also important to me because I come from an extremely rural community. I was never exposed to cultures outside that of a typical American. Additionally, accessibility was always a struggle as there is no form of public transportation in my hometown and the nearest grocery store is a twenty-minute drive. As a result, I did not have access to many educational resources that students in the city have and growing up, I was not even aware that students were able to study abroad in high

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