Success Or Failure Essay

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In our everyday life, all individuals are obliged to be successful. People work hard on a daily basis looking for money, education, power, perfect relationships with others. However, only a small number of people considers the exact meaning of love. Failure to determine what success means have led to people climbing the wrong ladder. For most people, success means obtaining a specific object such as building wealth, launching a million-dollar business or being in a perfect relationship. However, some of the most significant successes have been as a result of the worst failures (Hines, pg15). Success is dynamic, and it differs from individuals depending on their goals. The ability to achieve a particular goal is what defines people’s success which is a life-long process and not a one-time achievement.
For many young people, starting their lives is a difficult situation that is faced with many challenges, for example, being born to neglectful parents. Nevertheless, some of the kids can achieve great things as a result of the hard work and personal characteristics they develop in their life. Let’s focus on
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One person’s failure may mean success to another. For many years, the environment we grow in, people tend to view progress in ways like having much wealth and being famous. The myth about success has been so rampant even in our advertisements and other marketing techniques as compared to the reality (Hines, pg7). Many people, however, tend to believe in the situation. Although owning a big house, becoming a president of United States like Barrack Obama among others can be a success for such individuals, this does not provide the real definition of success. People need to learn the real meaning of success which means accomplishing personal goals as compared to the myth of following other people’s story of
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