Reflection: What I Learned In A Math Class

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I don’t remember my whole schedule but I do remember some of my classes I had math, biology, history, Spanish, English1, gym and some other that I can’t remember and all my classes I have to take it with them. This group of people were divided by to different nationality Puerto Ricco and Dominican republic so my first day the boys from the other country they were really nice with me until they star to give me rare looks: like I was something nasty or ugly and they start to say stupid jokes about where I’m from and I never say anything I felt humiliated and vulnerable of all this stuff had happen to me the same week I attended to the school. I decide to sit alone at the cafeteria, when five girls approached to my table and they set up a conversation…show more content…
But the thing didn’t stop in doing test I also have to do speech, the day I have to do my speech I wanted the earth open up and swallow me first because it had lasted 8minuted talking and second because everyone was watching me and I felt so stupid standing in front of the class talking about something that I even have no idea what I was saying that when I finish only 2 or 3 applauded and I felt ashamed, but I never blamed the other because it’s not their fault that they do not understand what I was saying I think that my classmates made fun of me, but
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