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Summer Vacation
Students wait all year long for the summer holiday. The departments of education all around the world have been debating whether the summer vacation is beneficial or not. People tend to think that the summer vacation is only for having fun and that it is useless. Well, you do try having fun, but that’s not the only benefit. Spending time with your family is another great advantage. Most of university students are sent away from their families to study. They usually go back home to their family during the summer vacation. (Harding, 2016), and that’s when they catch up and share great memories together. Another benefit is that people who fail a course or do not do well have another chance to catch up with their classmates. Furthermore,
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It is not healthy for a person to be fed with a lot of information with no break is not mentally healthy. When relaxing, stress is relieved, which is mentally healthy. “As its name implies, the relaxation response is meant to counter the stress (or “fight or flight”) response”(MacDonald, 2010). Also, when students are free of schoolwork, it helps them relax and recharge for when student go back to school (Liebowtiz, 2016). “However, in modern society, chronic stress can be destructive to our bodies. “Getting away for regular vacations and leaving our every day stresses give us a break from the constant high levels of these hormones and a chance to repair some of the damage”(Vinocur, 2015). Too much of something is bad, well the summer gives us a break from this something, which is school.

In conclusion, the summer has more pros than cons. It is beneficial in many different ways, it should be appreciated more because it helps student strengthen their bonds with their family, it gives them a second chance with their course- if they need it-, and helps relax and get rid of the stress that gained over the year. So the next summer, don’t doubt that it is not beneficial, have fun, relax and make the best of it because summer vacation is extremely beneficial to

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