Essay About Superhero Movies

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I. Introduction
Background of the study
Comic books contain images and a little dialogue for a story. It contains the hero. A hero is the one who is on a good side and associated with affirmative team or he/ she could be alone. The enemy of the hero is the villain. The villain is the one who is in a bad side and pertains negative acts to the story.
With the popularity of a comic book superhero adaptation, many audiences, teen, children and adults can watch it at home or in the cinema. It usually contains scenes and acts that can be bad for audiences. Few comic book movies are R-rated but young audiences can still view it at home or can download it on the internet. Some villains have a charismatic personality and it can make audiences to idolize
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Most of the superhero movies are PG-13 which still may contain acts not suitable for young viewers. R-18 movies are rising because of the success of “Deadpool”. These movies can be viewed on the internet when release and can be viewed by children.

As Hatter stated, children are imaginative because of what they saw or hear. Kids who play in superhero costumes, pretending to be their favorite characters, can get too carried away and that where injuries may occur.
Children can get carried away when they are pretending to be their favorite superhero character. Most superhero do dangerous and factious stunts that children may try to copy.

IV. Conclusion

In conclusion, superhero comic book movies are popular for people especially children and teenagers. They idolize the character that they like. Copy the acts, the language that they see and hear from their favorite superheroes. Children and teenagers can get negative ideas from the villain of the story of the movie. Parents should guide and watch their children on what they are watching so they are thought on what the good are and the bad. It depends on the young viewer whether they get negative influences from a comic book movie or focus on the good side of the
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