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I didn’t always love the summer. In fact, for many years, it was my least favorite season. I know. That’s weird, right? I mean, most kids love being out of school, spending days with their friends, and going on vacation. But for me, summer always means a break from the norm where I feel most comfortable.

I thrive on structure and routine, and when summer rolls around, all that goes out the window. And while most kids love spending time by the pool with their friends, going to camp, and joining their families on vacation, when I was younger, all those experiences made me very anxious.

But a couple of years ago, all that changed. Here’s how:

Swimming. Many of my feelings about summer changed as I became a better swimmer. When my parents put
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And in order to do that, I had to walk in the sand. I expressed my desire to my Occupational Therapist and she began working with me to help me be able to manage walking in and touching the sand. I still don’t like the way the sand feels on my feet, but I’m able to get through it so that I can spend some time in the ocean.

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Finding a comfortable way to travel. Usually, a family will go on at least one vacation during the course of the summer. And the same is true for my family. While, for the most part, I liked our vacations once we arrived at our destinations, getting there was always unpleasant. Air travel made me anxious and antsy. There were too many people and the noises were too loud. But I worked with my parents to develop an air travel routine.

As this article on traveling with a child with Asperger’s notes, knowing each step of the process is helpful. So, before our trips, my parents always give me a rundown of what’s going to happen at each stage of the process—from arriving at the airport to going through security to the flight itself. I also discovered how helpful using my iPhone and iPad can be. Listening to music on my phone helps me block out the loud plane engine and playing a game on my iPad helps keep my mind
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