Essay About Swimming Pool

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Have you ever wondered about why we keep on paying for the swimming pool – even though it has already been made? How come 20% of our fair funds go to ‘developing’ the swimming pool yet only 2% are for student welfare, such as competitions and club fees? Where does our money really go? These unanswered inquires make it clear that there is a possibility that Miriam College is slowly practicing capitalism before our very eyes. Miriam College has a lot of unattended questions, making it more suspicious as to where our money is going. It is extremely possible that Miriam College is capitalizing off their students’ tuition fee for other unknown reasons. For today, I’d like you to pay attention to the disturbing undertone of capitalism within Miriam…show more content…
Clearly, it is seen that Miriam College accommodates a great amount of money each year. However, where do they use this money? The swimming pool? As a long term student of MC, I can assure you that I have been paying for the swimming pool since 2010. At that time, it was understandable – since the pool has not yet been made. Though, it baffles me as to why I am still paying for the pool until now. If we are paying for its maintenance, that should only be around at least PHP 100,000 each year. But, knowing that we gain an estimate of PHP 2 million for the fair each year – and 20% of these funds are dedicated to the swimming pool, then that would mean we are paying around PHP 400,000 for the swimming pool annually. Where does the other 300,000 go? Additionally, students who have used the pool mention that it is not well-maintained. Reports from students show that the state of the pool is unpleasant and dirty if it is not the day of cleaning, which is Monday. You would think that, since we are paying so much for this pool – it would be well-maintained, however – it is
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