Tattoo Persuasive Essay

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People under eighteen years of age should be require to have parents’ permission to get tattoo and piercing.
The World Book Encyclopedia states that "Tattooing is a permanent fixation to the skin by using sharp metal, bone, or needle to pierce the natural color. Skin." The tattoo of each culture has a unique meaning. The talisman is a talisman according to the belief of many countries. For teens, tattoos and piercings are an art form, and some people do it to get accepted by friends (Laumann , A.E 2006). When they do not want it, that hard to treatment that back to the same (E. Sue 2012). Although the purpose of the tattoo is to stay fixed. But there are many ways to remove them. Such as eradicated by laser (Burn leftover tattoo), surgery (cut away tattoo). Such methods are costly and painful. "Laser tattoo removal is more painful than ink first." Like in everything else there are many tattooing occur widely. Some tattoo for beauty some for believing. But there is hidden danger that is the one time decision in life.
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And tattoo is a form of art and fashion for teenagers to show their identity to get acceptance from their friends to ban isn’t violet the human rise. They have point in thinking like that, but it doesn’t good for your body. However, it has been proven that the tattoo are dangerous for the skin. It is the one time decision if they don’t want because the way how to delete it. The skin can be infection from that. According to Laumaan (2006) , she showed the percentage of people who have tattoo and body piercing in the United stage. It was common in both sexes but body piercing was more common among woman. 17% of people in data were tattoo removed. Tattoo and body piercing are associated with risk-taking activity. Body piercing has a high incidence of medical complications. All in all, tattoo and piercing in teenagers should be get required from the
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