Essay About Technology In Education

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Technology has now become the backbone of the information age, by the click of a mouse one can be obtaining a Degree from another country without even stepping foot in that country. Technology is vastly becoming an integral part of our educational system in today’s society. We now see where a lot of homes are now equip with computers more so than in the years past and more and more households are learning how to use them. Technology is now being used by almost everyone including our children and our adults as well on a daily bases , either through internet , cell phone texting, sending emails sharing information, engaging gaming activities, and e-learning among others.
We are therefore on the rise as far as technology is concerned. Hence, teaching students how to use technology has become the main concern in our schools and our classroom as well today. Technology has the ability to raise student achievement if it is properly integrated as a tool within the classrooms and is used effectively at all levels. The government of Jamaica along with various
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Technology provides lifelong learning experiences along with various other opportunities that can be incorporated into all fields of study, including mathematics, reading and comprehension, sciences, and even social studies as well as other academic subjects. The jobs that are now currently out there in the market requires some form of technological use, therefore if the students and adults are using technology on a daily basis to communicate, play games, and engage in live chats, then this profound daily use of technology may very well be considered relevant to students in their learning while providing a window of endless benefit and opportunities in student learning
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