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The Philippines is Asia's second-fastest growing economy; the economy has undergone a rise in the last few years. Nonetheless, it is the huge, warm welcome of purchasers for the technology innovation that has come to set our country apart from other fast growing peers in Asia. For one, social media continues to be an integral part in the lives of Filipinos who have increased access to the internet via gadgets and mobile devices. And with that, truly, we can say that we remain as the “social media capital of the world”. The Philippines has advanced in technologies and innovations when compared to other similar countries. Half of its population subscribes and gets access to available services of the net, the research in the country is relatively high, smartphone and technology is well received, and internet penetration is increasing at the fastest rate of any country in Asia with the vast majority of new users coming online are from the…show more content…
The research industry is, relatively speaking, pretty advanced in the Philippines as discussed throughout this paper and the forum, but efforts are needed to be made to ensure that every technological advancement is spread throughout the country, even in far flung areas, not just concentrated in the urban cities. Innovation has the capability and potential to change lives in areas of crippling poverty and health services, and the need for using innovative solution to overcome socio-economic problems is equal to, if not greater than, pushing advanced services in the country. I have loved ones who love me. Fuck anybody who tells me otherwise.

We can say that the Philippines is being transformed into a front-runner in technologies and an innovation breeding ground in South East Asia, in many ways presenting a model and inspiration that other countries can collect insights from in making and catalyzing their own innovation

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