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Teenagers are a pain. As a 17 year old female I feel as if I have a right to say this. For the many years I have been going to school, working at my job, or just being at home I have always had rules. At school we have to follow strict rules or get suspended. At work we have to follow strict rules or we could be fired and at home we have many more rules that have been created by our parents/guardian’s.
So why do teens rebel? Many are to say it’s from a lack of freedom or a lack of independence. Teenagers do not like the feeling of being swaddled because it makes them feel suffocated. We like to have a sense of freedom, such as adults have, but with all of the rules we have to follow it’s hard to do this. Without freedom we become sneaky liars just so we can have freedom. Freedom is an important role all teenagers should have so we can become
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With this information it suggest that teenagers need to have a few less rules so they do not feel as if they are being suffocated to do the right thing. However, many adults don’t see the same as teenager and will more than likely keep their rules the same, uptight and strict, to make sure teenagers are kept in their place.
Limitations on These Studies
One major flaw in this project was. I was limited to only two high school art classes. If I were to have four or five different classes of thirteen teenagers each, I could have had a better perspective of what teenagers thought. This was just a small group of students, which were of different age groups, who gave their opinion but if I had more classes do so I would have had more accurate results.
Another limitation to the project was I was not able to find out the background story of the art projects. When asked many students were not comfortable telling me as to why they picked the color they did.

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