Essay About Texting And Driving

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In the United States there are about 2.5 million car crashes each year. More than half are caused by being distracted by a cell phone (Ameen). Cell phones are the biggest distraction when driving. It is also the most dangerous of all distractions, drivers trying to take their eyes off the road and drive at the same time is very dangerous and almost impossible to do. Most teen drivers admit to using their phone while driving, they know how dangerous it is yet they still chose to do it. Texting and driving is dangerous for teens because teens have no experience driving, they are distracted, and teens have a slow reaction time. Teens who drive have no experience driving since they just got their licence. They would not be able to multitask while…show more content…
People believe that driving under the influence is the most dangerous distraction . Driving and texting is seventeen times more dangerous than drinking and driving (Fumento). When a drunk driver is driving at seventy miles per hour before hitting the breaks they go about four feet before stopping. When someone text and drives at seventy miles per hour they go about three hundred and nineteen feet before stopping (Fumento). The penalties for drinking and driving are strict while the penalties for texting and driving are weak. In the state of california if someone is caught driving under the influence they can get fined for about a thousand dollars or more and they could also go jail for about four days to six months. If someone is caught texting and driving they are fined for about twenty to fifty dollars (Fumento). Texting and driving and driving under the influence are both very dangerous and should not be done , but many people do not take texting and driving seriously. Solutions to texting and driving are that when teens are taking their driver’s test a requirement to pass should be how they respond in a situation when they are receiving phone calls and messages. Teens should also be taught to pull over if it is urgent that they need to use their phone. Another solution is to make laws more strict on texting and driving. These solutions will show teens how important is to not use their phones while
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