Essay About Thankful For Family

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I am thankful for many things my family, friends, belongings ,and my home. And sometimes I take those things for granted and dont appreciate the things I have. I am thankful for my family because they are always there when I need them. They always help me when I need it the most and consider my opninons. Sometimes Ill get mad at them or ignore them out of anger because they didnt consider my idea but its fine in the end. And sometimes they would push me thinking it would help me get better or try harder but in reality it dosnt help me. Since my parents are from Africa they try to help me in school teaching me the way they do it back there in Africa but it dosnt usally help either.But my parents try to do their best to help me bcome better. My little borther is funny and fun to play around with but at some points he can get a bit annoying and pushy. Sometimes he could be a little stuborn or spoiled when we dont go where he wants to that cost money but sometimes he gets it. But overall he is pretty cool and always stands up for me when my parents get mad at me he is there to help. Now im about to talk about my friends here and in…show more content…
I am very thankful that I have those things becasue I know that there are many people out there that dont have those things not even a bed. Ive been to Africa and I have seen that half of the people barely have a house, their houses are made out of mud. There are kids in Africa that survive on the street alone and sleep in the ditches with cardboard as a bed and its sad. Some barely have any clothes and at night its the worst. I felt bad and sorry for them because I was complaing the whole time I didnt like the food there but seeing kids it stuff they find in the ditches I felt spoiled. I am thankful for my home as well knowing that I have a roof over my head because I know there are many people out there that dont have that
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