Essay About Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving isn’t just a rudimentary holiday to my family and me. It means much more to us. Every Thanksgiving something new and exciting takes place, creating more memories for us to cherish. Thanksgiving is full of traditions that have carried on for many years. My family is very blessed with everything we possess, during Thanksgiving is time for us to recognize those things and thank God for allowing us to have them. Even though holiday season can be extremely hectic for my family, we always try to be thankful and appreciate the good. This year, Thanksgiving will be a little bit different though. The year of 1621 was significantly important to the Pilgrims. 1621 was the year the Pilgrims celebrated fall harvest. The celebration was over…show more content…
Every year, I attend many dinner gatherings. One of the dinners I attend around the time of Thanksgiving is at my grandmother’s house. There, I visit with my mother’s side of family. Another dinner I attend is at my great-grandfather’s house. At his house is my father’s side of family, I extremely enjoy their company because all of us together is very rare and only happens 3 times a year. Likewise, around the time of Thanksgiving, I gather with my step-father’s family at my great-grandmother’s, this side of my family is unquestionably large causing us to avoid gatherings on a regular basis. My Thanksgiving schedule is very chaotic, however every gathering is enjoyable and I look forward to go to all of them. This Thanksgiving will be different than previous years. My cousin, Cameron, recently enrolled in the marines. This year on Thanksgiving, Cameron will be on his 10 day break. Afterward he will be returning to the military. Cameron is such a role model and inspiration, not only to me, but also to my sisters and others. Past years, I have taken advantage of his presence. This year, I have promised myself to thoroughly enjoy the fact that I have someone in my life as influential as Cameron. Thanksgiving means differently to some families than it does to mine. Thanksgiving is a day full of gratefulness and love. Without God, my parents, and other family, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. In conclusion, I am thankful
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