Essay About The American Dream

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Whenever the environment ever talks about the american dream what are we talking about. The American dream is nothing but a big mess.when our society tells us about the american dream they make it sound so good but really it’s just a big mess. The main reasoning i don’t like it is because some people aren’t trying to do good and they get away with a lot. If the people can earn it then they deserve it but if there just gonna give it away then there is no point. Like great gatsby he worked for his money. People that are born into families with wealth haven’t worked hard for there money. The american dream has changed over the course of years. Which includes personal components such as home ownership and upward mobility. The american dream is a lifestyle some people live dailey. If people aren’t mobile then they can’t get to work and if they can’t get to work then they can’t make money and then they can’t feed there kids if they have kids. The american dream gives people who are working hard a chance to do even better. I think that having the american dream pushes people to want to do better and achive more things. The american dream in my thoughts is very good because everyone should have an equal chance at doing good in life. That means that everyone should try very hard at what they do to there best ability.…show more content…
Although some of them get away with being lazy because they can hide it from people. Most people who are lazy dont always work very hard they are just trying to get through the day. People who think that its not fare kinda have a piont because they think that they are better then some other people which is not true because everyone is equal. But really alot of people dont try very hard and they go down the wrong
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