Essay About The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

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Some say the American Dream is exceptionally attainable if one tries hard enough. However, F. Scott Fitzgerald questions this statement by presenting a novel that portrays how the result of the American Dream--wealth--causes destruction. Fitzgerald also argues that trying to fit in where one desires to is not always the best idea. Fitzgerald uses a multitude of examples from his novel to present his argument. Fitzgerald used geography--East and West Egg--to depict the American Dream. West Egg is where the “new money” live. The money was made by those who have been entrepreneurs, or criminals, in the coming years after World War I. The people that live here are gaudy, showy, and socially awkward. The novel says it is as if they aren’t…show more content…
Jay Gatsby grew up as a poor child. He made fast money, legal or not, and was always throwing parties to please his fellow rich friends. Even though Gatsby financially was alike with his wealthy neighbors, he was unlike them in every other way. Gatsby tried to become rich to pursue the American Dream. In the beginning of the novel, Nick says “Gatsby ended up alright.” Gatsby was only “alright” because he did not achieve his goal, to become the people who attended his parties. To have been able to be with Daisy would have fulfilled his goals that he had pursued all along, but, unfortunately, he was unable to be with her. Even though he had the wealth that Tom, Daisy’s husband, did, he was still the poor man he was at the age of 17 years old, Jay Gatz. Likewise, this proves that money cannot buy everything you want in the world. Jay Gatsby wanted to fit in with his wealthy neighbors and also made Daisy fall in love with him. However, his wealth could not assist him in this area. In conclusion, F. Scott Fitzgerald argues that the pursuit of the American Dream often ends in destruction. He also states that money cannot buy you everything, especially your position in society. Fitzgerald is trying to tell society that money is not the most important thing in the
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