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The battle of Thermopylae was a state of war with Persia and Greece in Thermopylae area in 480 B.C. In the background of this battle, the Persian King Xerxes 1 plans to invade with the desire to dominate Greece. Xerxes sent an envoy to the city states of ancient Greece and threaten to carry out a massacre if his reign does not acknowledge. However, the Leonidas who was a king of Sparta rejected to surrender, and he killed the envoy into a well. The Leonidas unites with the city nations, and he plans to prevent the Persian army. On the other hand, the priests of the shrine opposed the war because they thought it is a dangerous hurt game. Therefore, the Leonidas went to the war with 300 Spartans. They prevented massive Persian army from entering Attica. The Sparta was a militaristic society, boys begun military service at age 7. Also, Spartans was brave, and they could unite Greeks. Thebans wanted to join in the battle with Leonidas, and they took a place in the narrow valleys in order to prevent tens of thousands of Persian armies. Ephialtes who had disabled person…show more content…
I do not like historical movies, but I am very enjoyed to watch it. The film effects, such as screen and music and storytelling made me feel more exciting about watching the movie. When I learned about the Western Civilization in class, I did not quite understand the battle of Thermopylae. I felt difficulty to understand in identifications and story. However, after watching this movie, I could understand the Sparta story as well. Also, I am impressed with Leonidas’s reign. He was a wise military leader, and he acted magnanimously, so Spartans could have cooperation mind and keep loyalty to him. Also, I respect the Sparta’s a mind of steel. In my case, I often fall into idleness to do my work, but the Spartans carry out their obligation as well. As this 300 movie, I could remind what I learned in class and go over Ancient Greece part

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