Essay About The Causes Of Turnover In Lebanon

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The Causes of Turnover in Lebanon
In addition to the above mentioned general causes of turnover, there are certain causes specific to Lebanon such as:
Economic Slowdown: The bad economic situation in Lebanon is leaving companies unable to promote employees and increase their salaries.
Political and Security Situation: The persisting domestic political uncertainties, a further delay of constitutional milestones, and widening regional security drifts played an essential role in employees turnover in Lebanon, and forced many employees to search for a safer place to work in abroad.
Competition of Foreign Labor: The competition of foreign labor lead to the decrease of the salaries of the Lebanese employees, and to the replacement of certain Lebanese employees with foreign workers who accept lower salaries.
Better Job Opportunities: Better job offers for the Lebanese workforce from abroad including attractive packages (high salaries, schooling, housing, etc…).
The Effects of Turnover
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In Lebanon, many companies continue to hold traditional views of human resource management and consequently fail to capitalize on its full potential. Lebanese companies should be aware of the essential role human resources department plays in achieving high organizational performance and in dealing effectively with all the challenges the organization may face. Therefore, Lebanese companies should invest more in the human resources department and boost its work.
Finally, we can say that employee turnover can be an avoidable challenge if the human resources department formulates effective retaining strategies and practices and implement them in order to maintain competent and skillful workforce that the organization depends on to increase profitability and accomplish its strategic
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