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Learn the first language in early childhood The first years of a child's life are considered a critical phase in the evolution of the linguistic abilities of this resort Some parents ways to teach their children two languages: there first language and foreign language. "Because education is at a young age, like drawing on the stone." The child can learn the first language by listening to his parents and surrounded around him, that the first language that a child learns will be the mother legate and when the development stages of its growth this child is going through the evolution of language, and has several stages: 1. The first stage of child language learning in early childhood: That the child's first language is the language…show more content…
The development stages of the language: The first stage: after the child and led directly to a year. After the child directly and it led it screaming and crying, which they call "Babbling" A child babbling voice quasi-real and play with words in order lured the attention of adults and at this stage of the child's "baby" age the parents unaware what the baby wants. Phase II: from year to year and a half: When the child reaches one year of age, he utters some of the simple and easy, such as: Papa, Mama, Dada words. It can increase the terms that a child learns to talk with him more, even a year and a half old. In this age of the child understand anything said to him and responds when call his name, and does what he wants, such as: the legacy of things or to play

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