Personal Essay: The Role Of Music In My Life

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Music is one of the means which I use to communicate with someone whom I love or hate to express my emotions and feelings, which I have about someone or about something in my daily bases. Music is a way which connects me with other people whom I know or strange while someone is singing or listening to music. The furthest and the most music to me is that one of the ways in which I worship and praise God for who he is to me and what he has done and what he is going to do to me. I get inspired or feel refreshed from the condition I am in when I listen to music. I always do listen to the gospel music when I am driving, studying, or walking especially if I am alone. Most of the time I do listen gospel or church related music’s only, but sometimes I do listen to other music’s if I am listening to radio or watching TV or if I am with other people who do listens what I don’t.
When I was a kid, I used to sing in a children’s choir during the new year day, Christmas day and other holidays in which I get a chance to sing to the communities’ holidays. It was one of the experience, which helped me to make new friends and families outside those whom I know before. Besides, music has a strong influence in my life and it has played a great role in my life since I
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Let’s see some of the ways music used in my community. As being a Christian family, I do go to the church and I do listen, worship, praise the Lord. In the synagogue, which I go music is used as a means of worshiping and praising God. Besides that, music is also used to lift up the community when something happens or occurs like funeral’s, wedding or sport, natural disaster, war, or conflict which discourages or disappoints the community. In a such a times music used to bring the community together and help out the disappointed or sadden family or people to uplift of their mind or

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