Essay About The Law Code Of Hammurabi

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What’s so important about the Law Code of Hammurabi? Why does it hold so much value? What has it done in today’s modern day society? I find it to be one of those things that helped better this world. Providing an organized set of laws, it helped structure human civilization. The consequences of this code held everyone accountable for their own actions. It makes you really think twice before committing any act of negligence. Being that it was discovered by Archeologists inscribed on stones is proof that it had lots of value. Knowing that there was only a vast majority of people who actually had the ability to read and write during that time, someone chosen had to have written this law of codes. Not to mention these people during that age and time had to essentially be masters of their crafts or pay for their mistakes through death, torment or their…show more content…
This code translates and shapes a lot of things in today’s judicial system, and it opened doors to other alternatives. Everyone was aware of the laws as they were posted all over the kingdom. One of the biggest things of this ancient treasure that caught my attention was the equality of men. As a man you had to be mentally and physically strong to provide the necessary support for your family. Women’s rights weren’t as equal as men, I think they got off pretty easy on a lot of things. As far as a man providing or trying to make a living they had to be very efficient. Lack of productivity could lead to a loss of civilization, personal goods and even death. Honesty was also a major key, accusing a man of a crime but not providing the right evidence could lead to the death. In my opinion one of the biggest disadvantages was there was no alternative options such as jail time for any wrongful actions committed. I assume that in a time like that, they didn’t have the necessary funds to build a jail
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