Essay About The Mexican War

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“In 1846 the United States went to war with Mexico” (Overview) know one really knows about this war because it was not as big as the Civil War was. In 1821 Mexico had just gotten their independence for Spain and when Mexico was free it made the county very large. “ It stretched from Guatemala to Oregon and was equal to the United States”(Background Essay). Mexico was very nice to the United States and let American farmers settle in the Mexican part of Texas. Was the United States justified in going to war with Mexico?
Mexico was justified because the Americans were on their land and they were not following the Mexican rules. The United States made a line at the Rio Grande but the line that Mexico made aws at the Nueces River. On April 24 “sixty-three men and officers, were… dispatched from the American camps up the Rio del Norte” (President Polk). When the Americans were prepared to cross the river. “The Americans saw a large body of mexican troops”after the short affair, in which some
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How the Mexicans looked at it is that the United States just took the invaded the land and took it from them. The “Mexican government learned of the treaty signed between Texas and the United States in April 1844” (Velasco-Marquez). President Polk sent General Zachary Taylor to the Rio Grande across from the city of Matamoros. The Mexicans thought that the U.S was planning on attacking them so Mexico “reaffirmed the instruction to protect the border” (Velasco-Marquez). “Mexico, on achieving her independence of the Spanish Crown… decreed the abolition of human slavery within her dominions, embracing the provents of Texas” (Summers). When the Americans were emigrating they crossed over the Sabine river between Louisiana and Texas and when the Americans were emigrating they were being
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