Middle Ages Dbq

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Rome is best known for being one of the earliest superpowers because of its strong army. However, Roman society had its problems and caused Rome to go into a downfall. During this downfall Rome became a target for invaders. Rome fell and went into the Medieval time period, best known as the Middle Ages. Labels that best describe the Middle Ages are Age of Faith, Golden Ages, but the Dark Ages is the best. The Dark Ages best describes the Middle ages because of the grim conditions. The Dark ages is best label for the Middle Ages because of the corruption and death that went on. After Rome fell Europe was vulnerable to attacks. Moors, Magyars, and Vikings all invaded. They all had different reasons for attacks; Moors wants to conquer, Magyars wanted wealth, and Vikings wanted food. They would damage small villages as they came across them and take villagers as slaves (Document 7). Europe was a target for invaders because they had no military support. When Vikings would invade they broke the defence wall and even took treasure as well as food (Document 8). During the Middle Ages the Catholic Church was the leading power , as a result Christianity became the official religion. The church gave structure to Europe however, the church was a fraudulent place. They would tax lower class citizens and exploit them. Supposedly, the…show more content…
Titles that best fit the Medieval time period in Europe is Dark ages, Age of Faith and the Golden Ages. During this time Europe was a “Dark” place to be, but Faith and creativity came from this period. Even though corruption of the church overpowered the citizen, they still devoted themselves to God and help create magnificent architecture that can be traced to Europe. The people prided themselves with their religious beliefs. In summary, Medieval Europe was a difficult place to live ,but the citizens showed faith and devotion that help them move through that
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