Essay About The Middle Ages

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Rome is best known for being one of the earliest superpowers because of its strong army. However, Roman society had its problems and caused Rome to go into a downfall. During this downfall Rome became a target for invaders. Rome fell and went into the Medieval time period, best known as the Middle Ages. Labels that best describe the Middle Ages are Age of Faith, Golden Ages, but the Dark Ages is the best. The Dark Ages best describes the Middle ages because of the grim conditions. The Dark ages is best label for the Middle Ages because of the corruption and death that went on. After Rome fell Europe was vulnerable to attacks. Moors, Magyars, and Vikings all invaded. They all had different reasons for attacks; Moors wants to conquer, Magyars…show more content…
In the Middle ages men and women looked forward to the afterlife with hopes of entering Heaven. They would convert themselves into Monks and Nuns giving up family, friends and possessions to devote themselves to God. They would live on monasteries. Monasteries were places that Monks go to devote their life to serve God. Benedict who was also a Monk created sets of rules that Monks should follow. The following behind monasteries was so great that they even opened up schools. This was odd during that time because after Rome fell people didn’t worry about education ( Document 10). Religion was valued. In 1095 when Pope Urban ll was fighting for what the Christians believe is their Holy Land and were almost defeated he issued for more crusaders. Followers came to help. Not only for their religious beliefs, but also because they were told that all their sins would be cleared ( Document 4). Lastly, one material that came out of the Middle Ages that showed their devotion to Christianity was Cathedrals. Cathedrals are enormous size churches. They took gothic styles, had high ceiling and stained glass windows. These buildings took years to build and were mostly likely completed in a lifetime. The churches were built on the corruption and made themselves big so they would be superior ( Document
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