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The Sahara(add more info. And Thesis) The Sahara is located in Africa. The Sahara is the World’s largest desert. There are many countries inside the Sahara. Some of the countries are (add in countries). It Covers about 3,500,000 square miles. The desert stretches about 3,500 miles long across North Africa from the Red sea to the Atlantic Ocean. You could walk for 7 days straight in the Sahara and see nothing but sand. The normal temperature in the Sahara on a Summer day is above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The normal temperature in the Sahara on a Winter day is 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit. The hottest temperature in the world was recorded in the Sahara. The Temperature was 136 degrees Fahrenheit. It was recorded in Aziziyah, Libya. The rainfall in the Sahara is 4 inches yearly. Some places in the Sahara only get 1 inch of rain a year(Add more info.). There are also very dangerous sandstorms. The Sahara has…show more content…
According to scientists the African climate became drier around 4,000 BC. Around the six and seven hundreds the Arab tribes invaded Northern Africa in hopes to convert the people to Islam (the religion of the Muslims). The Arab tribes succeeded in converting the Africa people to Islam. Approximately four to three hundred years after they invaded Northern Africa the Arabs had spread Islam all the way to the Southern border of the Sahara. The Arab tribe’s language later on became the main language of Sahara. Later on in early 1800’s the Europeans began to explore the Sahara (Add more info.). You definitely need to remember to bring some water into this very hot desert. A person cannot even go four hours without water in the Sahara. Oases are probably the best source of water in this place. Artesian springs form the oases. The Artesian are formed when the upper surface of an aquifer is breached. An aquifer is a rock that groundwater flows through. These springs can also form when a synclinal fold traps water deep in its

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