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Overpopulation is the excessive population of an area to the point of overcrowding and it is an undesirable condition in every country where the number of existing human population rises to an extent exceeding the carrying capacity of ecological setting. Overpopulation can be result from an increase in births, an increase in immigration, a decline in mortality rates and other factors that may cause overpopulated environment. Therefore, this can cause influence as lack of the available essential materials for survival like water, shelter, social amenities and other because of the numbers of people might be more than the materials for survival. In such condition, this regularly contributes to environmental deterioration, worsening
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Better Education
Educating the masses helps them understand the need to have 2 or 3 children at the most and also educating the people with sex education about the various safe sex techniques and contraceptive methods available to avoid unwanted pregnancy to reduce the accidentally pregnant issues occur. For example, in Taiwan and South Korea they are giving people better educations to slow down population growth.

2. Forced birth control
Imposing tax on couples that choose to have more than 1 child. That way nobody is restricted of their right to procreate, just discouraged. For example, China is making woman have one baby by having them ask permission to have more babies

3. Spreading awareness about overpopulation
Lack of the awareness about overpopulation can lead to families that do not care for limit the number of children they have and unfortunately, most people nowadays aren’t really familiar with overpopulation and its negative effects. Therefore, by spreading the awareness about overpopulation possibly can change them to be more aware of how their actions affects the entire country, and they can do their part as their responsibility to keep their country’s population at a sustainable

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